May 21, 2022

The bomb demon Jiggs will explode with a slapstick – Hextech Mayhem: League of Legends Story Review

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What happens if “LoL” is made into a rhythm game? The bomb demon Jiggs will explode with a slapstick. Hextech Mayhem: League of Legends Story Review

The rhythm game is Nishikawa-Kun, who has a skill of about 10,000 years silver rank. The new rhythm and runner game ” Hextech Mayhem: League of Legend Story ” was released by Riot Games on November 17, 2021, on Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store,

As the title suggests, this work is a spin-off work based on the worldview and characters of the online battle game ” League of Legends ” (hereinafter ” LoL “). It was released on Riot Games’ publishing label “Riot Forge” and was developed by Choice Provisions, known for ” Bit. Trip Beat ” and others.

In this article, let’s send you a play review of playing “Hextech Mayhem: League of Legends Story”. In addition, the play will be done on the PC version, and the button notation will be one of the Xbox controllers used.

The bomb demon “Jiggs” explodes in rhythm!

The main character of this game is Jiggs, who blows up anything, and while running around the stage Piltover (a city that is also set in the stage of “LoL”), a rhythm and runner game that blows up anything. As those who are playing “LoL” know, the jigs that you often see in the mid-lane are the main character.

In addition, Heimerdinger, an innovative inventor, has appeared as a rival. It has also appeared in the anime ” Arcane ” currently being distributed on Netflix. The comedy-touch exchange between the two is also a highlight.

Oh yeah, the Japanese voices of Jiggs and Heimardinger are strangely both Natsuki Hanae (laughs). Natsuki Hanae’s ingredients are 100% throughout the whole story, so it’s great for fans.

Dokan and action according to the notes!

By the way, the game is a stage selection type. The stage will be opened each time it meets the conditions such as the number of stages clears and the total number of gears to be collected in the stage.

The jigs always run automatically toward the right side of the screen. And the basic rule of this work is to press the button according to the displayed notes (official name is action indicator). Only use these three buttons: A button (jump), X button (bomb), arrow key down, or left stick down (dive).

In a general rhythm game, mistakes have a great effect on the progress of the game as well as the score, but even if you make a mistake, it does not affect the progress so much. Because this work is “a run game though the notes are displayed”. You can ignore the notes themselves and use jumps and bombs to proceed.

Of course, if you follow the notes, everything will go well, so you can easily clear the stage. It was a very nice point to feel like “playing a good person in an action game” just by pressing a button according to the notes.

If you touch an obstacle such as a wall or an enemy, it will be treated as a mistake and the jigs will go down. It’s nice to be able to return to the stage and try again immediately after the respawn time. Moreover, it will skip the point where you made a mistake, so you can proceed to ignore difficult points.

Also, as long as you don’t touch an obstacle, it will continue without going down, so you can avoid enemies while cheating with a double jump. I was very kind to mistakes, but I was happy that I was not good at rhythm games.

Of course, if you make a mistake, the score you get will drop. The score is “Bronze”, “Silver”, “Platinum”, “Master”, and the rank name of “LoL”. If you do a perfectly clear, you will become a “challenger”, which is irresistible to fans.

In such a place, when you play this game normally, you will get the impression that it is a “casual rhythm game that you can play while easily exploding.” You may be wondering, “Then, is there an unusual way to play?


The boss battle with Heimardinger is also explosive!

As you clear the stage, a battle with Heimardinger is waiting for you at the turning point. Jiggs rides on a robot and fights against Heimerdinger, who rides on a larger robot. Unlike the general stage, when the Jiggs’s physical strength becomes zero, the stage will fail.

As for the operation of the boss battle, just press the button according to the notes. It’s really cool that Jiggs shoots missiles at Heimardinger while avoiding attacks. Of course, because it’s a rhythm game, I’m busy chasing notes, and I don’t think I have much time to watch attack productions (laughs).

In addition, you need to make a robot to fight, and for that, you have to collect the glowing gear scattered throughout the stage. There is also a small collection element.

Get your bomb freestyle!

In the explanation so far, it may look like a rhythm game of “just press a button according to the notes”. However, there is a secret on the stage. In fact, falling boxes, machines that shine on the wall (hextech), enemy soldiers, points that shine on the ground, balloons, etc. can all be blown up and trampled.

What’s more, everything is arranged according to the song, for example, where the gear is arranged, it can be destroyed by throwing a bomb. The box is a landmark for the jump. In other words, this work is a “rhythm game where you can just follow the notes, but in fact, there are many hidden notes.” This is the “Freestyle Mayhem” system!

If you follow only Notes, it will be relatively quick, but if you try to cover all the boxes and shiny floors, this is already difficult! If you’re going to start throwing bombs in response to gear, it’s going to be a pretty advanced stage. Advanced players can play the game by exploding everything, and those who are not good at it can proceed with the game by acting according to Notes.

It’s quite difficult to achieve everything at first glance. In particular, there may be no hint at the point where I have to jump two steps, so I felt that I had to play and remember the same stage many times.

Skin changes and abundant language settings

If you collect only one special piece of gear that has fallen on the stage, you can exchange it for a jig’s skin (this is the story in this work). From the familiar skins that appear in “LoL”, you can also use unique skins that dress as Teemo or Jinx.

In addition, the language can be set as an option, and you can play in the languages ​​of various countries. The voice is also changed, so if you want to change your mood, it is recommended to change not only the skin but also the language setting.

There are some things I’m curious about, but the fun is perfect!

Lastly, I would like to give some notes to everyone who is starting this work. First of all, I think that it is a problem only for the PC version, but when switching windows with Alt + Tab, etc., there was a problem that the characters of the Japanese font were not displayed until it was restarted. However, according to Riot Games, it will be fixed soon.

The other is that there is no operation setting in the options at the stage of writing this manuscript. I think there is a big problem with the gamepad operation (though some people may want to change it, of course), but the PC version only operates the mouse and does not support the keyboard.

[Basic operation of PC version]

  • Left mouse click: Jump
  • Wheel button: plunge
  • Right-click: bomb

It is unique to be able to play with one hand, but it is especially difficult to operate with the mouse wheel buttons, so it is recommended to prepare a gamepad. I want you to update the operation settings!

addition to supporting keyboard operations with the update, operation settings can also be changed. This makes it easier to play!

All the songs are full of screaming sounds that suit the explosion. It was a nice place to play, as the drum sound became stronger and the guitar sound was added when the combos were connected in succession.

However, since it’s all BGM of the Norinori type, I felt a little that it would have been better if there were a variety of songs. It’s cool to put an explosion on a gentle chill sound.

Last but not least, I’ve mentioned a few things that I’m curious about, but it’s still fun. “Hextech Mayhem: League of Legends Story” was purely enjoyable as a rhythm game. An exhilarating rhythm game that is easy for beginners and advanced players to play. The price is reasonable at 1019 yen [tax included], so even if you don’t know “LoL”, this is a must-try.

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