May 21, 2022

Ruined King: League of Legends Story” review with a unique turn-based battle that was unlikely

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Happiness to enjoy the world of “LoL” with a royal road RPG. A fun “Ruined King: League of Legends Story” review with a unique turn-based battle that was unlikely

” Ruined King: League of Legends Story ” (hereinafter ” Ruined King “) was released on November 17, 2021, in a shocking manner. One of the first titles sent by the publishing label “Riot Forge” in Riot Games, an RPG with the world of the world-famous online battle game ” League of Legends ” (hereinafter ” LoL “) for PC as a motif. is.

In this review, we will deliver the impression that a writer who has been playing “LoL” for about 9 years has played carefully. In this work, you can enjoy the backbone of the champion (a character that can be operated by the player), which was often known only by text, with a rich RPG with voice. This work, which shows the unusual aspects of the usual champions, is an irresistible work for “LoL” fans.

It is good to enjoy the world as a “fantasy RPG” because the backbone is well-developed. As an introductory work for players who are interested in “LoL”, it is definitely recommended for RPG lovers. So, let’s explain the charm of this work in detail.

Is the story a little for “LoL” fans?

It’s been about 12 years since “LoL” was released, and there are more than 150 champions (characters that players can control). In “Lund King”, a story centered on Miss Fortune, Iraoi, Viego, Gangplank, etc. will be developed from among the champions, and Braum, Pike, Ari, Yasuo, etc. will also appear as friends.

Even if you don’t know each champion at all, you don’t have to worry because you can tell what kind of background you are by just “Lund King”. However, it is also true that I thought that knowledge of “LoL” would be necessary if I understood it deeply.

Players who step into “LoL” and its stage “Runeterra” from this work will enjoy playing while watching the universe (world setting and story) on the official website

On the other hand, if you are an “LoL” fan (like me), you can get a glimpse of the champions and local situations that do not appear in “Lune King” from the end of the conversation of the champions, and the desire and understanding of Runeterra are It just increases. I haven’t met many players who like Iraoi, but if you play this game, you will love Iraoi more than before …

The main stage is Bilge Water and Shadow Isle

Runeterra is divided into several regions, and the story of “Lend King” revolves around Bilgewater and Shadow Isle. Bilge Water is a port city where pirates of the rough are fiercely fighting for territory. Shadow Isle is a cursed island covered in “black fog”.

Formerly known as the “Breath Isle”, where advanced civilizations exist, Shadow Isle was driven to ruin in the wake of an incident. Miss Fortune and his friends set out for Shadow Isle to uncover the secrets of the black fog that is approaching Bilgewater.

By the way, Braum, who is a companion, is a regional champion in Frejord, and Ari and Yasuo are regional champions in Ionia. Also, note why they are in Bilgewater. I immediately remembered the movie of the 2020 “LoL” event when my fellow champions went public.

The official Twitter account also reveals when “Lund King” was the story. According to the announcement, it will be told how he appeared in Runeterra before the ambitions of Viego, known as the King of Destruction, were blocked by the Guardian of Light.

The “Burning Waves” and “Black Fog, Goddess of Destiny” in the “LoL” universe have parts related to “Lund King”. It will be more enjoyable if you read these stories carefully.

The game part is a royal road RPG

In the game part, you will operate the champion to explore the field, interact with the people of the city, buy and sell items at the shop, and proceed with the story. It’s a royal road RPG.

The battle will be explained in the next section, but since it is a turn-based strategy, there is no action element, and you can sit down and play. I personally like this “real” RPG feeling.

Various gimmicks are prepared in the dungeon, and it is made so that you will not get tired of playing. There was a unique gimmick, such as the classic ones such as unraveling the gimmicks and going to the back but also warping to a place where you do not know when you deposit the equipment, and when you find it, the deposited equipment powers up.

There is also a “scan” function that highlights the objects to be examined, so I’m happy that you can search comfortably.

Turn-based battles were adjusting the order of actions is the key

This work is a symbol encounter system, and when you touch an enemy in the field, you enter a battle. The battle is a turn-based system in which each character selects a command and executes it according to the order of actions.

Depending on the selected command, the time until it is executed and the timing, until it can start moving next, will change, and those states can be confirmed when the command is selected.

 It’s not just about simply selecting a command and looking at it, but the battle of “Lund King” is worth the effort. The characteristics of the commands differ greatly from champion to champion, and many players will be wondering what combination to operate the party.

Each champion may be good at attacking Miss Fortune and Yasuo and defending Braum and Iraqi. You can think that the “role” (role) in “LoL” is reflected as it is, but it is interesting that Iraoi can use the physical strength recovery techniques of his friends, which is different from the image of “LoL”. Also, Braum and Iraoi can easily get the attention of the enemy, so I made sure that one of them was at the party.

Enemies often have different roles, and the fact that you can check detailed information during the battle is also an element unique to this work. If you raise the difficulty level (changeable at any time), you can enjoy a battle with a lot of tension even in the Zako battle.

On the other hand, preparing a divisible difficulty level called “story” that allows you to skip battles is also a nice factor for players who want to see only the story.

Recommended not only for “LoL” fans but also for RPG fans

It’s definitely recommended for “LoL” fans just because it’s an RPG that depicts the backbone of the champions, but the high degree of perfection of the battle system is also noteworthy.

For players who don’t know “LoL”, there are some terms that may be a little lacking in explanation, but if you find a word that interests you, you can read the official website as if you were reading a collection of settings materials.

 Of course, the story is completely satisfying as a stand-alone work. If you like this work, please follow “LoL” and other related works.

My current recommendation is an anime called ” Arcane ” that was just released on Netflix on November 7th. This is set in the area of ​​Piltover and Zaun, and even in “Lund King”, the names appear in conversations with people in the city. This work can be said to be a buff item to enjoy “LoL” more deeply.

Game overview

League of Legends Release Date: November 17, 2021
Genre: Turn-based RPG
The platform for Single Play: Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC (Steam,, Epic Games Store) ) (*)
Price: 3090 yen [tax included], Deluxe version (*): 4100 yen [tax included]

Nintendo, PS5, and Xbox Series X | S will also be released.

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