Roof Box And Bike Rack – How To Ride Well Insured

Roof box, bicycle rack, ski rack and roof bars are accessories added to your car.

To be well covered in the event of a claim, while saving money, it is essential to take out the right car insurance with the appropriate formula.

We guide you to make the right choice.

Does car insurance cover car accessories?

Any car insurance contract includes a civil liability guarantee which applies in the event of damage caused to others. It is therefore she who intervenes if one of your accessories damages another vehicle or injures a pedestrian.

However, it is advisable to take out specific guarantees to cover the equipment itself as well as its content.

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The best option to cover your bike racks, roof racks and accessories


1. An accessory warranty for accessories

The accessories or vehicle accessories and fittings guarantee is often an option that you must add to your initial contract.

It covers damage caused to your roof box, your bicycle rack, your roof rack and any item added to the vehicle after it has left the factory: GPS, car radio, special rims, etc.

In general, the damage covered must occur during events covered by the contract: theft, fire, traffic accident, storm, hail, etc.


2. A private content guarantee for your objects

This option works much like the accessory warranty. It covers personal effects stored in your roof box or bicycles attached to your bike rack.

The nature of certain goods as well as specific circumstances of loss are generally excluded:

In the event of non-locking of the roof box with key, the ski rack or the roof bars.

If the type of damaged or stolen items is voided from the warranty.

This includes bank cards, cash, jewelry, precious objects, furs, computer data or electronic equipment.

If you do not wish to add this guarantee, we advise you to insure your bikes or skis independently. Otherwise, the cost of their repair or replacement is not covered at all.

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How to ride safely with an accessory

To protect yourself in the event of an accident, taking out the right insurance is essential. It is even better to avoid disaster by following these common sense tips.


Roof box and roof bar – Be careful not to exceed

Here are some precautions to take before getting behind the wheel:

Your installation can only protrude beyond the rear of the vehicle and at most over a length of less than 3 meters.

If the object exceeds 1m at the rear of the car, you are obliged to install an approved reflective device. It must be supplemented by a red light, at night and in the event of fog.

Pay attention to height limits in car parks.

Bike rack – The recommended hitching system to use

To transport bicycles on your vehicle, several systems are possible: the interior bicycle carrier, roof, trunk, hitch or spare wheel for 4×4. Prefer the so-called hitch device which attaches to the rear of the vehicle or in a trailer.

A new license plate and new taillights are required. Be careful not to hide them behind the bike rack.

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