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Playback the history of the series! “KOF” History Part 2 Nests Edition

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Playback the history of the series! “KOF” History Part 2 Nests Edition

Introducing the main episodes developed in the numbering title of the fighting game ” The King of Fighters ” with a large number of screenshots.

” KOF ” develops a profound scenario with each series. Continuing from the previous article, this article will playback the Nests edition from ” KOF ’99 ” to ” KOF 2001 ” from the series numbering titles!

The new ” KOF ” has a new scenario in which the main character has changed from Kyo Kusanagi to K ‘. If you have never played a past work, please relive the story centered on K’here.

* Unless otherwise specified, the scenario for each title will introduce the story of the main character team. This article is based on a survey by the editorial department.

” The King of Fighters ’99 “

It’s been a while since the last tournament, and it’s time for “KOF” again.

Invitations were delivered to fighters around the world this year as well. There was no sign of global excitement around the invitees like in the previous tournament.

In addition, a new rule called “Striker Match” has been added this time. The fighters couldn’t hide their confusion in the unfamiliar battle format. Heidern, who felt something strange about this tournament, sent Ralphs to the tournament and set out to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Benimaru, who has participated in the tournament as a team with Kyo and Daimon, was invited to the tournament as a member of a special team formed by invited players. In addition to Shingo Yabuki, the teammates listed there have names such as K’and Maxima that have never been heard in the fighting world. Benimaru is confused. This tournament will start with many mysteries hidden.

K’and his team steadily won the tournament and proceeded through a mysterious facility deep underground. At the same time, Heidern, who was monitoring the suspicious movements of the tournament, confirmed from the satellite a mysterious image of a person similar to Kyo Kusanagi landing from a suspicious vehicle all over the world.

Who is Kyo who has appeared in these countries? And what is your relationship with this tournament? Heidern tries to contact Ralf and Clark, but communication is lost.

Deep underground, Krizalid, an executive of the mysterious secret society “Nests”, appeared. With the words, “It was hard work. K’, Maxima,” Benimaru and Shingo first saw the true identity of their teammates.

This tournament was held by this Krizalid. The plan was to collect battle data of fighters through his subordinates K’and Maxima and use that data to simultaneously operate clones of Kyo Kusanagi, a weapon deployed around the world.

Nests wanted to bring a new order to the world and dominate it with the organization’s cloning technology. Previously, Kyo, who disappeared after the seal of Orochi, was captured by Nests, whose purpose was to analyze the flames of Kusanagi, who also defeated Orochi, the will of the Earth. At the same time, the data that was the source of the clone was also collected from Kyo.

In addition, Krizalid tells the fact of the shock. The Krizalid clone created by applying this technology was K’. K’s upset when Krizalid first informs him of his upbringing. In fact, he had no memory of the past (in fact, Krizalid is a clone of K’and his memory is manipulated by Nests).

Krizalid instructed K’and Maxima to collect the trigger data to activate the clone, that is, the data on how to kill a person, but K’stood silently at the command.

And K’decides to rebel against Nests with Maxima. Eventually, the final confrontation started, and K’and others defeated Krizalid. The defeated Krizalid has been removed from senior Nests executives for being obsolete.

K’and Maxima confront the remnants who are blocking their way as they try to escape from Krizalid’s base.

After rebelling against Nests, the two decide to hide and proceed with activities to destroy Nests.

● Boss introduction
Las Boss: Krizalid There are two confrontations like

” KOF ’94 ” in the Krizalid battle . The second battle after taking off the coat is the real thing. Typhon Rage, which causes a tornado from his feet, has a wide attack judgment and is powerful anyway!

” The King of Fighters 2000

It’s been a while since the existence of the mysterious secret society Nests was revealed. However, since the last tournament, Nests has been hiding in the shadows without taking any action like this.

On the other hand, terrorism occurs frequently all over the world. Heidern and other mercenary forces grasp that the activity is due to K’and Maxima. Heidern was about to start pursuing the two, but at that time, the news that “KOF” was held …

As a special team invited by the organizer, K’and Maxima participated in the tournament with four people, Ramon, a Mexican professional wrestler, and Vanessa, an agent.

K’and Maxima have been working to destroy “generators”, which are transporters made by Nests scattered all over the world, but many of these devices have been installed in South Town, the venue of this tournament. Notice that you are there. From there, I was aware of the disturbing movements of Nests.

And the tournament starts. K’and others won the tournament while being monitored by Heidern and others. During the tournament, there will be a fierce battle with the ice-manipulating girl Kula Diamond, which was created by Nests as “K’defeater = Anti-K'”.

And before the final, Ring, who was in the command room with Heidern, was acting suspiciously. Guide the team to advance to the final and instruct them to start the generator. He deployed the anti-Nests satellite weapon “Zero Cannon” over the city and pointed his muzzle at Heidern. The humans that Heidern and other mercenary forces believed to be superior rings were replaced by clones made by Nests.

And Zero, the mastermind, appears. His purpose is to get the Zero Cannon. The reason for deceiving the mercenary forces and setting up this tournament was to rob the Zero Cannon and transfer the power of the fighters to the generator to help launch the Zero Cannon. Zero activates Zero Cannon as if to show off the power he has, and destroys one city.

Zero rebelled against even Nests and got a runaway desire for control. In that work, K’and others burn a flame of anger and challenge the fight against Zero.

After breaking Zero’s ambitions, K’s dreamed of a crying girl. Is this landscape a memory that should have been lost …?

After waking up, Whip, a woman who looked like the girl, appeared. Informed by Krizalid just before his death that he is a clone of K’sister who was killed by Nests, Whip desperately spins indescribable words in front of his “younger brother.” K’, who accepted the feelings of his sister, renewed his determination.

● Boss introduction
Las Boss: A

powerful blade is attached to the hem of the zero cost, and by fluttering, it launches a wide range of attacks including anti-aircraft. I also have the technique of bouncing missiles, so I’m worried about how to attack!

” The King of Fighters 2001

During the previous tournament, a city disappeared due to the satellite weapon Zero Cannon. However, that fact was hidden, and newspapers in each country reported that an artificial satellite had fallen.

There were quite a few voices of cancellation of KOF, which is accompanied by some kind of accident, but ironically, this so-called fighting tournament has regained popularity, and its popularity was the 1997 tournament, which was the heyday of the past. , It overheated more than that.

Before the tournament, K’, Maxima, and Whip attacked and crushed the Nests branch. However, recently, as if to look ahead to the actions of the three people, all the related facilities of Nests who ambushed were empty.

K’s who can’t hide their irritation. Maxima then talks about the next “KOF” that may be related to this.

It is said that the participating team has the name “Nests”. The secret organization that had been hidden in the darkness finally appears on the front stage. K’couldn’t help thinking about that, so he tried to hurry to the next facility. It was then. There is a slight sign that three people are on … At the same time, the shadow moved sharply and approached K’, but the reaction went up to K’and others.

The three tied the man to a chair. The man’s name was Rin. Whip showed a photo to Rin, who remained silent, asking the purpose he had attached. Seeing the upset Rin, Whip proposes to join the KOF by four people who dare to add him as a member.

On the other hand, Rin disappeared from the spot without greeting. His purpose was to explore the movements of the three and seek the whereabouts of the clan’s proud dragon, who turned over to Nests from the head of the “thief.”

After a fierce battle, K’and his team won the tournament. The winner was guided to an airship that seems to be the venue for the ceremony. Four people who definitely glared at something. As expected, the Airship separated and the boarding section ascended toward the satellite orbit of space.

It was zero that appeared there.

The one who died in the previous tournament was actually zero clones. Zero, which appeared this time, was the true original. The striker has a pet Gurgan, Krizalid who was saved from being killed by Clone Zero in the last tournament, and the dragon that Rin was looking for!

Instead of “that person”, he challenges K’and others to try to see if the strength is genuine.

After a fierce battle, Airship arrives at an orbital fortress. Zero leaves, leaving a meaningful word. What is “that person” in the back?

At that time, the people of the Nests team looked into the sky on the ground. In anticipation of the “beginning” time, K9999 attacks Foxy. K9999, along with Angel, was in tune with the upcoming rebellion against Ignis’ father Nests.

Kula expressed her feelings of anger, saying, “I will never forgive …” for the act of betrayal.

In the sky, three of Nests’ top executives finally appeared. Ignis said that he would work hard for K’return. He said everything was planned to make K’the strongest warrior.

Instead of providing the strongest body, Ignis said he would also return the memories of the sealed past.

“The role of Nests is over !!” Nests have been transformed into an organization to satisfy Ignis’s personal interests, and Ignis has lost his father, Nests, who was manipulating it as a virtual image. Declared birth.

After defeating Ignis, the fortress began to descend. Looking at the fortress that turns into a fireball, Kula feels the close presence he spent with him in Nests.

When Kula heads for the descent point, she meets K’and others, who are made by Nests as well as herself. Something resonated in their hearts …

-Introducing the boss
Boss: Zero (original)

If you like it, you may use a lot of intense striker attacks, so the degree of violence is much higher than the zero that appeared in the previous work.

-Boss introduction
Las Boss: Ignis

who claims to be a god decorates the last of the Ignis Nests edition. Every technique is powerful and has a wide attack range, and some are said to be the strongest boss in the history of ” KOF “.

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