New Car Insurance – Vital Information

New car insurance: You have just bought a car and you are looking for the best car insurance to protect it. Between the choice of guarantees and the level of deductible, we explain how to select the contract that suits you.

New or old, it is compulsory to insure your vehicle, even if it is not driving and remains in the garage. Any offender is liable to a fine of $430 and $7,000 in the event of a repeat offence. But then, how to find the right insurance that allows a good compromise between budget and guarantee.

 Level of guarantee you should choose

There are 3 main formulas for car insurance:

  1. Third-party insurance 
  2. Extended third -party insurance 
  3. All-risk insurance

In your case, you have just bought a vehicle and given the investment, it is better to choose the insurance contract carefully.

Especially if you made the purchase on credit and even in the event of a claim you will be forced to pay your monthly payments.

So be sure to be covered in the event of a responsible claim or not with the “all risks” formula . It is the one that offers the best protection in the event of an accident and that includes the guarantees:

Property damage. It insures you in the event of the destruction or disappearance of your vehicle. It covers damage resulting from a collision or natural disaster.

Driver. It insures the driver in the event of bodily injury whether or not the driver is found responsible for the accident. As such, the insurer will cover the costs related to the claim : hospitalization, operation, compensation for sick leave, etc. In the worst case, funeral costs may also be covered.

It is particularly interesting to take out this insurance during the first 3 years of the vehicle.

Then its coast at the Argus will decrease and you will be able to settle for extended third-party insurance. It includes the mandatory civil liability guarantee and may include other guarantees such as: fire, theft , glass breakage , etc.


Options to consider

Compare the different levels of guarantees because, from one insurer to another, there are differences in the amounts covered. In addition, certain optional warranties are particularly suitable for insuring a new vehicle.

1. Replacement value guarantee

This guarantee is useful for the first two years because it allows you to be compensated up to the purchase price of the vehicle in the event of a claim. Once the two-year period has passed, we advise you to remove this option, which would be too expensive for you.

2. Theft, glass breakage, fire guarantee

All-risk insurance contracts do not necessarily cover these risks. We therefore advise you to carefully check the general conditions of your insurance to ensure that they are included therein.


Buying a new is a good thing but selecting the best insurance for it is much more better.

With the aid of this post, you should now be able to select the best insurance for your car without thinking too much.

All the pieces of information you need has been provided and enlightened above.

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