Motor Insurance Information Statement – Reasons and Tips

The information statement (RI) of your car insurance contract, also designated by its initials “RI”, gives your driver profile. This legal document is issued by your car insurer. It reports your insured history within the company.

This statement is required to take out car insurance with any insurer.


Reasons for requesting a statement of information

There are some certain reasons why you should request a statement of information for your motor insurance.

Let’s check them out below .

1. To compare

It is common to use an insurance comparator to find the best offer according to your profile, the guarantees and the desired deductibles and above all to find the cheapest.

In order not to make any mistake in the realization of the quote on the chosen comparator, it is important to bring your information statement.

On this document you will find all the information you need to carry out your comparison.


2. To change insurance company

When you want to change insurance company for whatever reason, the new insurer will ask you for this document.

It is compulsory for subscription in the same way as your license and the vehicle registration document. The information statement must be published less than three months ago and will trace your insured life, it specifies in particular:

  1. Claims reported to the insurer
  2. Your share of responsibility for any accidents
  3. Your bonus-malus coefficient.
  4. Drivers named in the contract
  5. The date of subscription of the contract
  6. The expiry date of the contract
  7. Information about the insured vehicle

The information statement indicates your background over the entire life of your contract, from subscription to cancellation with the insurer with whom you are or were.

Depending on who you subscribe to, the insurer will ask that the document cover a certain period, which can vary, it can go from 2 to 5 years.

In general, you will be asked for the document to cover 2 years, however, it is possible that an insurer will ask you for a statement of information over 5 years because this period corresponds to the duration of retention of the claims data in the file.

It often happens that we did not stay with the same insurer during these years.

It is therefore possible and normal that you will be asked for several statements if you have been with several companies during this period.

To take an example: a person can change insurer every year.

The new insurer may ask him for a statement of information covering his last 36 months of insurance (3 years).

In this case, he will have to ask all the insurers he has had over the last three years to provide him with a statement of information.

If the termination date is not mentioned on the information statement, it must be published for at least three months, otherwise it is no longer valid.


3. To consult

You can ask for the information statement in order to know your situation: the claims you may have had, your reduction-increase coefficient, the anniversary date of your contract, etc.

Example of an information statement:

RIA Insurance information statement

Some motorists terminated, malussés or having been the subject of a certain number of claims will try to find insurance without a statement of information.

This will not be possible because the new insurer will require this document.


How do I get an information statement?

This paper is issued at each annual expiry date of the contract or when the insured requests it (Art 12 & 13 of the appendix to article A 121-1 of the Insurance Code), even during the year (your insurer is under a legal obligation to provide it to you within 15 days of your request).

The statement of situation can also be given when the contract is terminated  . If you have a personal space, it may be possible to find it here. However, this is far from always the case. You can request this document:

  • By telephone
  • By email
  • By chat (if your insurer has a chat on its website)
  • by mail

Note that even if you have not been with the insurance company for a few years, it is still possible to claim it at any time.

Insurers are obliged to keep it for 5 years because you may be asked for it with each new subscription.

This document will then have to be provided to the new insurer to take out an auto insurance contract. The new insurer will find the information used to determine the price of your insurance.



I don’t have a statement of information, what should I do?

There are several situations in which you will not be able to provide this paper:


In this case, it is quite normal that you cannot provide a situation report. The insurer will therefore offer you a contract based on your young driver profile with the guarantees you wish to benefit from.

At this point in your life as a motorist you have no bonus or penalty, you start at 1, for this reason you do not benefit from any advantage.



If you were a secondary driver, you are mentioned on the information statement.

However, some insurers do not systematically indicate the second driver when it comes to, but they are known to other insurance companies, so do not worry.

It is still important to provide this document to the insurer so that he can give you a final rate and calculate your bonus.


It may happen that people who are not necessarily the spouse regularly drive the vehicle of the parents, perhaps a friend.

In this type of case, you have not accumulated any bonuses and are considered to be a young driver.

You have regularly driven the vehicle of friends or your parents, but you have not been declared as a second driver on the insurance contract.

In this case you have not accumulated any bonus and are considered as a young driver.



There may be several reasons for not having had a vehicle for a while, going abroad, moving to the capital, lack of money, company vehicle with some insurers you will again be considered a young driver, other companies simply won’t be able to insure you it all depends on the situation in which you are.

Some companies can adapt, this is the case if you had a company vehicle, for example.

To keep your bonus additional documents will be required.

If you are in one of these situations, we advise you to contact the insurer directly and explain to him.

He can tell you the procedure, which is specific to each insurer.

You will therefore have to take your time and not jump on the first offer that comes.


How do I change insurance with my information statement?

Since 2015 the Hamon law or also called the consumer law allows you to change insurer freely from one year of seniority subject to 30 day notice.

If you find a cheaper contract that meets your needs, you can send the information statement before subscription so that he can check all the elements of the initial quote.

If the quote suits you, the new insurer will then take care of the termination formalities.

He will ensure that the contract is carried out smoothly.

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