June 29, 2022

Interview to commemorate the major update of “Identity V Fifth Personality”

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Interview to commemorate the major update of “Identity V Fifth Personality”. The hidden settings of the new map “Forest of Sin” and the relationships between characters are revealed.

” Identity V Fifth Personality ” (hereinafter, ” Fifth Personality “), which is being distributed by NetEase Games, is an asymmetrical multiplayer game in which four survivors and one hunter can experience a tense tag game. Survivors are thrilled with the multiplayer elements that work with their allies and the thrill of escaping from the oncoming hunters, and the hunters are fascinated by the exhilaration of hunting down four fleeing survivors.

Such a work carried out the first major update on October 28, 2021. The sequel to the main story, “The Time of Reunion,” has been added, depicting the main character, Detective Orpheus, 10 years ago. At the time of reunion, “Orpheus” when he was a novelist and a missing “girl” who seems to be his daughter appeared and relived the tragedy that occurred in the past on the stage of “Forest of Sin”. Will be done.

This time, we conducted an email interview with the management team to commemorate the major update. This is a must-see for fans, as they talked about the setting of “Forest of Sin” and valuable stories about the future “Fifth Personality”.

Please note that this interview is based on the story of “when resuming”, so if you haven’t played it yet, please be careful.

New map “Forest of Sin” that was the stage of “Time of Reunion”

――The map “Forest of Sin” that appeared with full satisfaction in a major update, what kind of concept was it created?

As was the case with the management team character story PV, “Forest of Sin” is a paradise for “Orpheus” in his childhood. Most of the fun memories in the true memories he has forgotten come from here. I made it with the concept of “This is a sweet dream and a nightmare.

――It is thought that “Forest of Sin” will be added to the multiplayer and custom modes to increase the chances of playing. Are there any map features you would like to keep in mind when fighting in the “Forest of Sin”?

I think the features of the management team map are the forest keeper’s room at the edge, the treehouse in the river area, and the swing in the center of the map. Players who are new to the “Forest of Sin” are encouraged to check the location in these three distinctive positions.

–Are there any tips on how survivors and hunters go around in “Forest of Sin” compared to other maps, such as “You should be aware of this point”?

The management team Tarzan Rope, a tool unique to the “Forest of Sin”, is installed and can be used by consuming dedicated stamina. There are a few boards installed in the river area, but each platform has openings and Tarzan ropes. Let’s allocate stamina rationally and go around.

――Recent maps always have positions with different heights. In “Sin no Mori”, the forest keeper’s room at the end of the map and the treehouse where you can jump with the Tarzan rope are double-deckers. Please let us know if there are any rules or consciousness that are set when creating the map.

The management team Certainly, the combination of the Tarzan rope and the treehouse in the “Forest of Sin” is designed using the height difference. When creating the map, I am conscious of enriching the battle experience by incorporating as special terrain as possible while following the story setting. Of course, we will also pay attention to the battle data and continue to improve the extreme experience.

――The strong boards placed in the field and the darkness of the map make it difficult to see the footprints, so it seemed like a survivor-friendly map. Is there a possibility that “Forest of Sin” will be added to the ranked battles in the future?

The brightness and balance of the management team “Forest of Sin” will be improved in a future update. We will consider implementing it in ranked battles as soon as the adjustment is completed.

–In the video “[At the time of reunion / urgent] DA CAPO” released on the official YouTube channel of “Identity V Fifth Personality”, a prospector and an entomologist are a novelist and a “girl” in “Forest of Sin”. There is a scene chasing after. The character relationship map does not detail the relationship between the prospector and the entomologist, but if there is any relationship, please let us know as much as possible.

The management team Actually, there was something in the story event that hinted at the relationship between the two. It’s not a simple rival or alliance. Stay tuned for more progress in the next major update.

–In addition, a condemnation hunter appears in the introduction video of “Forest of Sin”. The condemnation hunter did not appear in the story, but is it related to the “Forest of Sin”? I’m suspicious because there is a leg-hold trap on the map …

Management Team Bain was once the keeper of the “Forest of Sin”. It was a time when that forest was not yet called the “Forest of Sin.”

-In addition to the character-related map, novelists, “girl”, and “nightmare” have been newly implemented. Among them, the novelist and “Nightmare” are characteristic, and both are the past appearances of detective Orpheus. Orpheus has appeared from the beginning of the release, but did you expect to make it a playable character in this way?

I expected the management team. Orpheus was once divided into several personalities, as you can see from the episode at the time of the reunion. The novelist and “nightmare” are the opposite aspects of him.

―― “Girl” is written as “girl”. Other specific characters such as “Nightmare” and “Prisoner” are enclosed in “”. Please tell me what they mean.

Management Team When defining the social profession and natural person status of the character, the brackets are not used. If defined by the detective’s reasoning, it will be bracketed. It’s like a code name.

A game that is more immersive with rich content and detailed stories

――This major update digs deeper into stories and characters that haven’t been touched on for three years. I think it was an update that changed the history of “Identity V”. What kind of vision do you have for this work in the future?

Management Team With this update, players have given us a lot of thought and reasoning about the storyline, and we are very happy as a developer. In the future, I would like to interact with players in various ways and share our ideas. We will strive to deliver a game that is more immersive by letting players think about it with rich content and detailed stories.

――Lastly, do you have a message for fans who are enjoying “Identity V”?

Management Team, We will continue to grow together with the players as the management of “Fifth Personality” and protect the mansion so that we can meet everyone’s expectations!

Last but not least, thank you so much for playing “Identity V”!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has always supported us!

“Fifth personality” still has many mysteries.

Through this interview, the hidden setting of “Fifth Personality” was revealed a little. I think there were many things that could only be heard here, such as the relationship between the condemnation hunter and the “Forest of Sin” and the meaning of “attached to the character. There are many parts that have not been clarified yet, such as the relationship between prospectors and entomologists, so let’s start adding stories while enjoying the consideration and looking forward to future developments.

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