How To Insure A Caravan, Motorhome Or Trailer

Appreciated because they allow freedom of travel and movement while offering a certain comfort, caravans and camper vans are also subject to compulsory insurance.

But how to protect these specific vehicles which are sometimes more at risk because of their contents: gas bottle, stove, etc.

How to insure your caravan or trailer

It’s good to know how insure your caravan or trailer propeller. Well, you will get some information about this below.

1. Specific insurance for couplings

Whether it is moving or not, whether it is on private land, stationary, unhitched or hitched, your caravan or trailer must be insured to cover any damage you may cause to others.

This requirement can be met by the civil liability guarantee of your car contract or by caravan insurance alone.

From what weight is it mandatory to take out specific trailer/caravan insurance?

If the Gross Vehicle Weight (PTAC) of the car and its coupling is less than 750 kg, the car insurance for the towing car generally covers the trailer or the caravan.

Some insurers apply an additional cost, others make the addition free of charge. Read your contract carefully to be sure.

Either way, you should call your insurer to let them know about this change.

If the GVW is greater than 750 kg, you must take out a specific contract for your coupling.

It is advisable to include it in your car insurance. You are covered by increasing your premium.

Your insurer sends you a new insurance certificate mentioning the coverage of your caravan or trailer. However, you are free to choose another professional.

To find out if your vehicle is within the rules in terms of PTAC, consult your gray card section F3.

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Additional guarantees to be well covered

If you wish to be more covered, in particular for your own damage, the subscription of additional guarantees is strongly recommended.

Indeed, although the usual car insurance includes the mention damage all accidents, this guarantee does not cover your coupling.

Take out the all-accident damage cover option for the coupling. Note that if you have taken out specific insurance for your team, this guarantee is often present in the initial contract.

Different claims are covered: collision with other vehicles but also vandalism  or the upset of the caravan or trailer


A “private content” guarantee for objects in the hitch

First, check that the private content guarantee is included in your initial contract. If this is not the case, you can subscribe to it as an option.

It covers objects in the caravan or trailer.

A very useful element, if you are hit by another vehicle and your dishes break into a thousand pieces.

However, the private content guarantee only comes into play following certain claims, clearly mentioned in your contract. In general, the events concerned must themselves be guaranteed.

This can be, for example, a theft, a fire  or a  traffic accident .

Also pay attention to the circumstances of the damage and the nature of your property.

If you have left the door of your caravan wide open, your objects are generally not covered.

In the same way, theft under awning is often excluded.

If your jewellery, cash or electronic devices have been stolen, your insurance may not always cover them.

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How to  insure your motorhome

Whether you use your motorhome twice a year or every month, your vehicle must be insured! As for a car, the minimum insurance is the civil liability insurance included in the third-party guarantee.

You will then be covered against damage caused to other vehicles and drivers. It is possible to take out additional guarantees to be better covered:

In the event of breakdown and accident. It covers repairs but also in some contracts all bodily injury that you are likely to suffer against theft and/or fire on your vehicle.

If you need assistance : Towing and sometimes even a replacement vehicle while repairs are being made.

A guarantee for the objects transported is recommended, even all items present in the vehicle and declared to your insurer will be covered.

If you rent a motorhome for your holidays, you will have to cover yourself against the damage you could cause to a vehicle with a third-party formula.

Usually, it is the lessor who is responsible for taking out the insurance.

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