May 21, 2022

free of charge for one day at the Epic Games Store

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You Can Find The PC version of  Games “Prey” will be distributed free of charge for one day at the Epic Games Store.

Bethesda Softworks’ action-adventure ” Prey ” is now available for free for one day at the Epic Games Store, a PC game sales platform. The pick-up period is until 1:00 am on December 27, 2021, Japan time, and installation and play itself is possible after that.

A sci-fi thriller set in a giant space station infested with mysterious extraterrestrial life forms

“Prey” is a first-person action-adventure game released in 2017 by Arkane Studios, which developed the ” Dishonored ” series.

The stage of this work is “Taros I” (Taros One), a space station that studies extraterrestrial life forms called “Tiffon” with unknown abilities. (Sure enough) Various types of Tiffon, which should have been strictly controlled, will be outbreaks and spread in an emergency.

Meanwhile, the main character, Morgan Yu, who participated in a certain experiment at Talos I, will struggle to recover the situation around various places in the station while losing his memory due to the influence.

Various strategies are possible by combining unique special abilities & items and players’ ideas.

By the way, the feature of this work is the gameplay where search and trial and error, which are often described as a “high degree of freedom”, are important. What it actually means is that you can take a wide range of options depending on the player’s search and enhancement for the purpose of “I want to go here” or “I want to defeat this guy”.

For example, when you want to enter a locked room, “getting a key card in another place while rejecting Tiffon” is a straightforward approach, and “forcibly make a scaffolding with the glue cannon of the adhesive gun and the target room” “Develop a route to the maintenance duct that can be put in”, “Obtain the unlock key from the computer with the hacking ability”, or “Obtain small items with Tiffon’s mimicry ability and invade through a small window” Routes are also possible.

This is also the case with combat, and it’s fun to find your own strategy using the unique special abilities available from Tiffon and the keiretsu experimental equipment available throughout Talos I. Although it is basically FPS style, you can not only shoot with a gun, but also incapacitate Tiffon, brainwash and kill each other, blow off in the anti-gravity field, and so on.

“The reason that the System Shock ” and ” Deus Ex ” and ” bio shock take over the genealogy of overseas games such as” series masterpieces, this work can taste the best of first-person point of view search action-adventure. If you have a gaming PC, please take this opportunity to try it.

By the way, PlayStation 4 / Xbox One version is also on sale, and it also supports the Game Pass of the Xbox platform & PC. The PC version is also cheaper on the Steam Winter Sale, where it’s 75% off at 825 yen.

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