Driving License Withdrawal – What Impact On Your Car Insurance

Driving license withdrawal: In addition to financial and social consequences, the cancellation or suspension of a driving license has an impact on your car insurance. Signing a contract can then be tricky. Our advice on how to proceed:

Suspension or cancellation of the license – The Cases

Here, more light will be shed into the suspension or cancellation of the license at different cases.

Now, let’s begin with license suspension.

License suspension

A serious violation may result in the retention of the permit by law enforcement for a period of 72 hours. During this period, the prefect can decide on an administrative suspension for a period of 6 months to 1 year:

  1. Driving while intoxicated (alcohol level checked by an approved device or a blood test) and driving while inebriated.
  2. Driving under the influence of narcotics (result confirmed by a saliva test or medical examinations).
  3. Speeding at the wheel (equal to or greater than 40 km/h).
  4. Hit and run, refusal to submit to checks concerning the state of alcohol or the use of narcotics.
  5. Use of the telephone held in hand.
  6. Non-compliance with the highway code: refusal of priority, running a red light.

These offenses can cause a road accident and result in the death of a person or cause bodily injury, the sanction will be up to the offense and its consequences.

After a serious offence, the judge can decide on a judicial stay in court. In this case, your license is withdrawn for a maximum period of 5 years or 10 years if it is a repeat offence.

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Cancellation of license

The cancellation of the license is a permanent license withdrawal. 2 types of cancellation exist:

  1. Cancellation of driving license for total loss of points on the license
  2. Cancellation of judicial license


License recovery

There are some suspension that can still guarantee the recovery of license

Let’s check some of them below.

1 . Suspension due to driving under the influence of alcohol / narcotics

In a first, it will be necessary to pass a medical control before the end of the period of suspension. It will be returned to you only if the result is favorable.

 2 . License suspension greater than or equal to 6 months:

You will have to carry out a psychotechnical test, this concerns both a suspension and a judicial cancellation or for lack of a point.

In any case, you will have to complete a points recovery course.


Suspension or cancellation of license – Consequences for insurance


Since we’ve discussed about license recovery terms / condition, now it’s time we look into the consequences of cancellation or suspension of license.

Let’s begin.


1 . Declaration to the insurer

You must imperatively declare your license suspension or cancellation to your insurer (article L113-4 of the Insurance Code).

You have 15 days to send the documents notifying your license withdrawal by registered mail to your insurer.

If you do not notify him, he may your auto insurance contract for failure to declare. He can also refuse to compensate you in the event of a claim.


2 . Termination of the contract

Your insurer has the option of terminating your car insurance contract if your license suspension is longer than one month or if it is due to an accident caused by over drinking.

He then sends you a termination letter by registered mail. Termination is effective one month after receipt. You will be reimbursed for the contributions already paid until the expiry of your contract.


3 . An increase in premiums

In case of license withdrawal for more than two months, the insurer may also decide to increase  your monthly contributions.

The percentage increase varies according to the situation (article A335-9-2 of the insurance code).

For a license withdrawal of  two to 6 months , the maximum rate of increase is  50%  and  100%  for a suspension  of more  than  6 months .

In the event of cancellation of the license  or  several suspensions  of  more  than  2 months  over a  determined period  (article A. 121-1), this rate of increase is  200% .


How to insure after a license suspension or cancellation

Alternatives to driving without a license

After withdrawing your license, you can opt for a car without a license or even a two-wheeler with a power of less than 50 cm3.

These modes of transport do not require a B license, but taking out insurance remains compulsory to drive them.

Following a license suspension (except for total loss of points) or a license cancellation, you may have some difficulty finding classic car insurance. You fall into the so-called “at risk” category.

On the other hand, you can contact insurers specializing in the insurance of terminated drivers. They agree to cover different driver profiles (malus, license withdrawal, alcohol subject to the possible installation of an EAD type device (alcohol interlock), terminated for claims or non-payment , interruption of insurance, etc.) .

They offer different guarantee formulas to allow you to benefit from an insurance contract adapted to your needs.

You can easily get a quote online and in minutes.



License suspension or cancellation is not a good things and it should be prevented at all cost.

This is because it affects the individual insurance status that it occurs to.

And with this, it mostly leads to spending of unwanted money on insurance.

So it’s best to avoid it.

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