May 21, 2022

Co-op shooter ” Rainbow Six Extraction “

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Co-op shooter “Rainbow Six Extraction” pre-play review. Roles and strategies are as important as the original “Siege”

Co-op shooter ” Rainbow Six Extraction ” (hereinafter, ” Extraction “) for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC scheduled to be released on January 20, 2022 from Ubisoft .

Since I had the opportunity to play ahead of the release of this work, I will deliver the new elements and new things that I noticed in this play. Please note that the build you played was a build under development, and the specifications may differ from the product version.

To briefly recap, “Extraction” is a PvE type FPS that is played by one to three squats. Operators of the company’s tactical shooter ” Rainbow Six Siege ” (hereinafter ” Siege “) will also appear in this work, and operate them to achieve various goals in the “subzone” where the extraterrestrial life form “Archien” is widespread. I will aim. For basic information such as the gameplay, basic rules, and features of this game, please refer to the following article posted earlier.

The whole picture of this work is revealed in the preceding play just before the release!

This time, I was able to play several stages, and the menu screen revealed the existence of a new model. There are four stages: New York City, San Francisco, Alaska, and Truth or Consequences. Threat levels (difficulty levels) are set for these stages, and the more the stage progresses to the right, the more difficult it becomes. By the way, the stage is a mechanism that is canceled when the “milestone” (player level of this work) reaches a certain level.

There is also a mode called “Maelstrom Protocol”. This is like the end content that is held every week, aiming to capture the nine sub-zones that are becoming more difficult in stages while confronting the strong opponents and clearing the goal.

Although I couldn’t play this time, the number of operators who could choose was increasing. Newly confirmed are FUZE, SMOKE, TACHANKA, CAPITAO, GRIDLOCK, NOMAD. In the end, it seems that you can choose the character to operate from a total of 18 operators.

 The choice of gadgets is also quite wide. There are 13 types of explosives and 6 types of gear, and some gadgets can be unlocked at the points obtained when the milestone rises. With all this, it seems possible to establish various strategies in combination with the capabilities of the operator.

▼ Types of explosives that the operator can carry

  • Smoke Grenade: Smoke exposes Archien for 15 seconds and covers its area
  • Impact Grenade: A powerful shock wave that knocks back Archiens within 7 meters of the detonation.
  • Scan Mine: Scans Archiens within 6 meters
  • Claymore: A mine that explodes forward in response to Archien
  • Stun Grenade: Stun Archien
  • Glue Grenade: Sprinkle a complex that slows the movement of Archien within a 10 meter range.
  • Fieldwall: Deploy a 6-meter fieldwall to prevent Archien projectiles
  • Flag Grenade: Damages a 6 meter range
  • Scan Grenade: Scans archiens, cloak archiens, and targets within a 12 meter range for 30 seconds.
  • Nitrocell: Install or throw a remote detonation widespread blast device
  • Ark Mine: Places a mine that explodes in the forward direction and makes a chain attack between targets within 7 meters.
  • Paralysis Grenade: Stops Archien within a small area for 5 seconds
  • Reconnaissance Gas Device: Scans all archiens within gas range for 45 seconds

▼ Types of gear that the operator can have

  • Reconnaissance Drone: Scans the target, archien, and supply box in the camera and collects information remotely.
  • Body Armor: Reduces damage taken by 20%. When your health becomes zero, you will fall into a down state instead of losing body armor.
  • Ammo Bags: Increases ammo possessed by main and sub weapons by 50%
  • Resurrection Kit: Can revive itself only once if it goes down
  • Explosive Harness: Increase the number of explosives carried
  • XR Reconnaissance Drone: Automatically scans archiens, targets, and supply boxes from objects within a radius of 8 meters


There were also some more goals to challenge on the map. The most impressive one was the “gateway”. This is the goal of touching an object called a singularity, moving to another area, and eliminating the mutant archient “Protian”.

Protian is a highly mobile enemy that resembles the appearance of an operator, and is just strong! Although I was able to encounter it only once in this play, I was defeated without any help in front of the overwhelming power. It has an ability that is incomparable to the Archien that appears along the way, so if you want to use a gateway, you will need to take special measures. It’s a very chewy enemy, so it’s a nice factor for players who want to fight the big boss!

▼ Map target list in the blockage zone

  • Specimen: Guide the target Archien to the recovery zone, stun it and collect it.
  • Decontamination: Collect samples from contaminated nests in specific areas
  • Nest Tracking: Set up a tracker to approach a dormant nest and hide it.
  • Triangulation: Launch 3 quake stations in a specific order
  • Serial Scan: Repel Archien’s wavy attacks and secure three highlighted areas
  • Extermination: Defeat the elite archien that appears when you defeat a certain number of normal archiens.
  • Rescue: Find the VIP on the map and escort it to the recovery zone
  • Return to all: Rescue the operator who fell in battle and carry it to the recovery zone
  • Shutdown: Stop 3 Parasite Towers with explosives
  • Destruction: Place explosives in two towers to defend them from Archien until they explode.
  • Biopsy: Defeat the target Archien in a melee takedown and collect tissue samples
  • Gateway: Go through singularities and fight and win mutated archients in special areas
  • Missing: Rescue the operator captured by Stasis and carry it to the recovery zone


The choice of operator and gadget is of utmost importance

In this work, there are various problems in capture such as physical strength does not recover automatically, battle in a narrow area vulnerable to enemy assault, ammunition and gadgets that are exhausted. In order to solve these problems, it is most important to clarify the role of the operator who operates it, select gadgets, and cooperate by making full use of them.

For example, if you party with PULSE, which allows you to search through walls for nests that create infinite enemies if left unattended, IQ, which allows you to search for ammo, abilities, and gadget recovery items through walls, and DOC, which has health boost and revival ability. , You can replenish items while suppressing the reinforcement of the enemy, and you can also rebuild in an emergency. With this kind of feeling, it should be easier to fight with Archien if you can combine each ability and cooperate with each other instead of just forming a squat with a strong operator.

Furthermore, in this work, the goal is displayed before selecting the operator, so you can also select the operator accordingly. In the “biopsy” where you have to take down Archien, VIGIL is strong enough to get closer to the enemy without being noticed. If it’s a defensive goal, ALIBI, which places decoys and attracts enemies, is also convenient.

I felt it was important to make up for the lack of abilities in gadgets, such as someone equipping a reconnaissance drone or bringing in an ammo bag to reduce the burden of restocking items if there was no operator to explore through the wall.

Enemies threaten us with abilities and assaults, not quantity

Co-op works of the recent enemy extermination system are mainly divided into those that are flooded with a large amount of monsters and those that are strong individually instead of being small in number. Since the number of enemies changes greatly depending on the target, this work can not be said unconditionally, but if anything, it is the latter type. Each enemy has high abilities such as “Bleacher” that approaches the operator and causes a big explosion, “Tomenter” that launches a long-range attack, and “Larker” that supports other archiens, and these are 5 to 6 at the same time. You will be forced to struggle just by attacking your body.

The map of this work is open outdoors, but there are many battles in a small room. Suddenly, enemies attack from the corners, and often attack by overcoming windows. When you act, try not to be alone as much as possible, and it is better to have other friends protect your back and sides. If several enemies come at the same time, it’s a good idea to talk to each other and retreat to destroy each one. Of course, you can also use the operator’s abilities and explosives to repel.

Training is especially important in the early stages!

If you clear the stage, you will receive experience points according to the success or failure of the goal, and the level of the operator who was operating will rise. As the level of the operator goes up, the number of times the ability can be used and the duration of the ability will be strengthened, and at the same time, the number of weapons that can be used will increase. What I personally felt was particularly important was the release of weapons. Since only one type of weapon can be used in the initial state, it may not be compatible with weapons depending on the person. First of all, in order to release weapons that are easy for you to use, it is good to go around the stage with low threat level and raise the level.

Also, in this work, in addition to the weapons used by each operator in “Siege”, some other weapons have been added. For example, ALIB is a light machine gun ALDA 5.56 (used by MAESTRO in “Siege”), so it’s a good idea to check the weapons that can be released in advance and select an operator to train with priority.

A good work with a good sense of fear, strategy, and tension!

 With a variety of abilities, the “fear” of being attacked by the eerie-looking Archien, the unique “strategicity” of collaborating with friends while making full use of the abilities of operators and gadgets, and the mighty enemy Protian. “Tension” that temporarily loses the operator who failed to confront or collect. In this work, these elements are well intertwined with each other, and I felt that it was a cooperative tactical shooter with a different taste and lid from the original “Siege”.

 In addition, there are many replay elements such as operator training and Maelstrom protocol, so if you like highly strategic monster games, you can enjoy it regardless of your playing experience of “Siege”. It has become. There is also a system called “Buddy Pass” where you can invite up to 2 friends (regardless of platform) to the squat for free and play together for 14 days, so it is recommended to invite your friends to play with them.


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