Car Theft – Effect Of Car Insurance

A stolen car, a forced door, a car radio or a stolen accessory? Your auto insurance may cover theft, but your compensation depends on the extent of your coverage. Follow our advice adapted to your situation and the steps to follow in the event of theft or break-in of your vehicle.

The insurance coverage in the event of theft

Not all auto insurance policies cover theft. Third- party insurance formulas   generally do not have any, unlike all-risk insurance.

If you do not have this guarantee in your basic contract, take out an insurance option against car theft which reinforces your protection.


What events are covered?

The theft guarantee of an automobile insurance policy generally covers the theft with burglary or attempted theft of the vehicle and the resulting damage.

Most insurance contracts do not compensate for theft without burglary. The excluded events are generally:

Car jacking or theft at the door. This is larceny with violence to steal objects from the vehicle or the vehicle itself.

Mouse theft. “Mouse jacking ” is an electronic theft technique, without burglary, which consists in destroying the computer security of the vehicle.

Goods are covered

In general, only the vehicle is covered by the theft guarantee. Some contracts cover burglary and the property contained in the car, but it is often necessary to take out an additional option. The amount of reimbursement for goods is capped by the insurance company.


Are there any warranty restrictions?

Yes. The limitations and exclusions of guarantees are specified in the general conditions of your contract. They determine the situations in which your insurance cannot intervene.

These include, for example, the following situations:

The attempted theft or the theft was committed by a person belonging to your immediate family or living under your roof.

The theft is the result of a scam. For example, you want to sell your car to a third party. He wants to try it, gets behind the wheel and flees with the vehicle.

The keys were in or on the device at the time of the theft. However, the insurance comes into play in a few special cases: in particular if bodily violence has been committed or if a locked private place has been forced into.

No evidence of theft is found on the vehicle: on the lock, the lock, the starting system or the steering column.

You do not have an anti-theft system on your vehicle (4-star SRA device or 4-key device). Anti-theft systems are mainly required by insurers for vehicles under 5 years old and over €30,000.


How will you be compensated

The terms of compensation are different depending on the date your vehicle is found (if it ends up being found).


1.The vehicle is found within 30 days

The insurer reimburses you for the amount of the damage: broken glass, broken lock, possible towing costs, etc.

Depending on your contract, a reimbursement ceiling may be applied. Be careful, you will generally not be compensated if your car does not show signs of break-in.

2.The car is found after 30 days

It is considered permanently lost. You will be compensated according to the guarantees appearing in your insurance contract.

If, however, your car eventually surfaces, you’ll have the option of keeping the compensation (and giving up your rights to the gear) or returning the compensation to get it back.

3.The car is not found

You will be compensated according to the guarantees appearing in your insurance contract. Your car can be fully reimbursed if the replacement value at new or purchase value is included in your contract.

If this is not the case, you receive a variable sum.

It is generally estimated by an expert who is often based on the argus quotation of your vehicle. This is the replacement value of the vehicle.


What steps do you need to take to be compensated?

File a complaint with the police or the gendarmerie. Be careful, the insurances provide for a delay: it is generally 24 or 48 hours.

Report the theft of your car to your car insurance within 2 working days of becoming aware of the theft. You will have to provide your insurer with a copy of the complaint filed as well as all the elements necessary for compensation: vehicle registration document, car keys, etc.

This serves to prove that the theft was indeed committed with break-in. So always keep your car registration document on you and not in the vehicle.

In the event of an attempt or theft of parts of your car, the insurer details with you the damage suffered and the objects stolen. He can appoint an expert. Then he directs you to an approved garage, if necessary.

If the law enforcement investigation is successful, contact your insurer immediately to inform them of the new elements. In particular, if your vehicle is found, indicate the place and date of discovery, any damage observed and the authority that found the car: police, gendarmerie, etc.


Our advices

  1. Systematically lock your car, even if you only leave it for a short time
  2. Never leave the keys in the ignition
  3. Check that your windows are properly closed
  4. Don’t leave valuables on display
  5. Don’t put your car model or registration on your key fob
  6. Preferably park your car in an enclosed area
  7. Equip your vehicle with an anti-theft device
  8. Always keep your car registration document and your keys on you and not in the vehicle.



Losing a car or losing anything inside a car is very painful. That’s why is very important to secure at all cost if you can’t afford to lose your car or anything in it.

Though insurance company will compensate you but it won’t be as having your car fully secured in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

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