Car Insurance Quotes – Compare Techniques

Are you looking for an auto insurance policy? Do a simulation and compare different auto insurance quotes. It is the only solution to be sure of making the right choice and to be protected in the event of a claim or bodily or material damage.

How to do an online simulation

No need to consult different insurers to obtain auto insurance quotes. Simply answer the questions posed by our online comparator.

Once done, the tool identifies the best insurance and you get your auto insurance quote in less than 5 minutes.

All you have to do is compare the levels of cover, the possible compulsory and optional guarantees, the amount of the contributions to choose the best possible insurance.

The one that suits your profile: young or novice driver, light rider, terminated driver due to license suspension or withdrawal.

Thanks to our comparator, you will get a personalized quote which will allow you to insure your car at the best price.

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Quotation – Information to be provided

Driver profile

Your driver profile has a direct impact on the amount of your monthly contribution.

Indeed, young drivers (having less than 3 years of license or resuming driving after years of interruption) see their insurance increased by insurers who consider them as “risk profiles” because they do not yet have enough rolled.

During their first three years of insurance, these young drivers will pay a substantial premium. At the end of this period, if they have not caused or suffered any accidents, they will be considered as “classic” drivers.

Their insurance premium will then be reassessed accordingly by their insurance company.

The only way to avoid paying a high price for insurance is to use accompanied driving.

Indeed, insurers consider that a young person who has obtained his license after years of accompanied driving will have less risk of causing an accident. They therefore take this into account when calculating the insurance rate.


Driving history

Another important question when performing a car insurance quote simulation? The number of claims or accidents caused or suffered by the driver(s) of the vehicle.

Pay attention to the accuracy of the information provided.

Indeed, to definitively validate your contract, you will have to provide your insurance company with the statement of information on which your bonus/malus coefficient appears.

Your insurer will use this information to (re)calculate your insurance premium.

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Characteristics of the vehicle to be insured

To make this quote online, you must answer specific questions.

Among the possible questions:

  1. Age
  2. Typology: diesel, electric, petrol, hybrid;
  3. Vehicle make
  4. Fiscal power
  5. Additional equipment: trailer, roof box.
  6. Additional information to communicate\

To obtain an exhaustive quote, you must also indicate:

  1. Journeys: number, km traveled
  2. Typology: diesel, electric, petrol, hybrid.
  3. Vehicle make.
  4. Fiscal power.
  5. Additional equipment: trailer, roof box.
  6. Place and method of parking: closed garage, collective parking, street, private road.
  7. Be as specific as possible in all your answers.

Indeed, they will be used to calculate the amount of your premium. If you are wrong, the estimate obtained may not correspond to the final amount of your car insurance.

Above all, if you need help, don’t hesitate to call one of our advisors on 02 30 06 00 60. He will carry out the simulation with you online and you will immediately receive your car insurance quote.

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Understanding your insurance quote

Your quote will allow you to compare:

  1. The type of cover: third party, extended third party or all risks.
  2. possible warranty extensions. each insurer freely decides on the options included in your contract. Generally, glass breakage, protection against theft or fire are optional.
  3. The level of assistance: O km assistance, breakdown assistance, replacement vehicle, etc.
  4. The rates.
  5. The amount of the deductible corresponding to the sum remaining at your expense after compensation by the insurer.

Tip: Playing on the amount of the deductible can (often) reduce the price of insurance!

Indeed, if your deductible is high, you will pay less for your insurance.

Buy your car insurance online

Once you have selected your insurance. You have the choice. Validation online or by phone with one of our advisors.

Once your contract has been validated, you will receive all the supporting documents and your green card directly in your mailbox.

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