Buying A Car -The Formalities To Be Completed

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In this post, we will be talking about the information needed before you go ahead to purchase a new car.

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What information must the seller provide you with

The elements to be provided differ depending on whether the seller is a professional or an individual. Keep everyone’s obligations in mind.

1.  If the seller is a professional

When the seller is a professional, he generally takes care of the formalities of buying the car instead of the buyer. The buyer signs the order form where all the information necessary for the circulation of the vehicle is notified.

The seller takes care of the formalities related to the purchase of a car (vehicle registration and license plates). The seller may charge the buyer for this service.

The seller must provide the buyer with the favorable technical inspection certificate.

Please note: some professionals do not take care of the administrative formalities for the purchase of a car, it is then up to the buyer to carry out these formalities.


2. If the seller is an individual

The buyer must collect a number of documents from the seller.

  1. The gray card or the registration certificate.
  2. The certificate of administrative status, namely the certificates of non-opposition and non-pledge dated less than 15 days.
  3. If you buy a used vehicle over 4 years old, the seller must provide the favorable technical inspection report dated less than 6 months ago.
  4. Copy 1 of the transfer certificate. The seller completes, without deletions, a transfer certificate in 3 copies: copy n°1 for the buyer, copy n°2 for the prefecture and copy n°3 for the seller.

The formalities to complete after purchasing the vehicle

  • The grey card : It must be established within 15 days from the date of purchase. Otherwise, beware of the fine! It can be obtained immediately from. The prefecture or sub-prefecture of your domicile.
  • The town hall of certain large municipalities.
  • The police headquarters or the branch of the police headquarters in your district for the inhabitants of large urban areas.

For this you must present:

  1. An identity document: identity card or passport
  2. A recent proof of address: electricity receipt, rent receipt, telephone bill, etc.
  3. The registration certificate application form (cerfa form no. 13750*03)
  4. The certification of administrative situation (certificate of non-pledge given by the seller) of less than one month
  5. The transfer or sale certificate given by the former owner and signed by him
  6. The crossed out gray card bearing the mention “Sold on” and signed by the former owner (cut the upper side of the gray card is cut out).
  7. The certificate of passage to the technical control of less than 6 months if the vehicle is more than 4 years old.



Insurance is one of the most important formalities following the purchase of a car, think about it before acquiring it. The seller generally terminates his insurance contract upon the sale of his vehicle.

You must therefore insure the purchased vehicle on your side even before taking possession of it to avoid the risk of being in violation. For this, ask for your free quote .

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