Auto prevention Snow tires – Best Recommendation

Winter is coming, the climatic conditions are more difficult but your trips are just as numerous. Risk of ice, snow, rain… You must increase your vigilance.

As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. This is why we gives you  its advice to face winter with complete peace of mind.

Auto prevention – Equipping your vehicle with snow tires

Did you know that the  tire  is less efficient as soon as the temperature drops below 7°C? Thus, it is recommended to equip your  car  with  snow tires  from November to March. Indeed, the treads of winter tires are more numerous and deep, they improve grip.

Your  snow tires  must always be in very good condition because if they are worn, they will not be effective on snowy or icy ground.

That’s not all,  tire pressure  drops when the temperature drops. Pressure control is an essential element of safety and longevity. It is recommended to add 0.2 bar (cold) to the current operating pressure.

Finally, in winter, it is important to reduce your usual speed. Sudden braking and acceleration are to be avoided. The  snow tire  reduces braking distances compared to a  summer tire  at very low temperatures.

Equipping your  car  with  snow tires  can avoid having to fit chains in most cases.


Auto prevention – Using snow chains

The purpose of the chains is to improve the grip of a vehicle on a snow-covered road. Wearing them is compulsory in the presence of the B26 panel, unless it specifies that the road is also open to vehicles fitted  with snow tyres .

  • B26 panel
  • B26 panel


Our special advices

This advice below will prevent you from some car damages during winters

  1. Never drive faster than 50 km/h with  tires fitted with chains.
  2. Remove the chains as soon as there is no more  snow  on the road.

Auto prevention – Survival kits

In winter, weather conditions make travel more complicated. we recommends its survival kit to have in your  car  :

  1. A scraper to remove frost or snow from the glass parts
  2. Snow tires
  3. Snow chains  for very snowy areas
  4. Antifreeze for windshield washer fluid and cooling system
  5. A warning triangle
  6. A safety vests
  7. Jumper cables
  8. Coverage
  9. A flashlight.


By following our advices vividly, you will be able to prevent your self and your car from any unwanted damages during winter.

If you have any suggestion or question, you can let us know by commenting below.

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