Assistance Coverage To Your Car Insurance Policy – Reason For Adding

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In this post, we will be discussing why the Assistance coverage is been added to your car insurance Policy.

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Breakdown, accident, theft, etc. Assistance will be terribly useful to you when you need it most.

And yet, it is not always included in your auto insurance policy.
On the road to vacation or on the way to work, having a problem with your vehicle is always a hassle! One solution, for the best possible coverage by your car insurance , is to operate the assistance.

This is not systematically included in the contract, so check the general conditions.

What is an assistance guarantee

Not mandatory in the car insurance contract, the assistance guarantee provides the driver and the passengers of the vehicle with material, logistical and sometimes social assistance in the event of a claim.

Under what conditions does it work?

The assistance guarantee works for all motor vehicles covered by car insurance. Trailers are also concerned provided that their load does not exceed 750 kg.
The situations in which the assistance guarantee comes into effect are as follows:

  • A road accident resulting in immobilization of the vehicle
  • Failure 
  • Attempted theft, or theft
  • A fire 
  • Vandalism.

More rarely, the assistance also intervenes for the puncture or the loss of key.

Since these claims are generally the same as those covered by the guarantees included in the driver’s auto insurance contract, assistance generally intervenes for mechanical breakdowns or damaged vehicles.

What are the services offered by the assistance?

Although the services offered vary from one insurer to another, overall the assistance guarantees have a common base of services.

1. For the vehicle

  • Breakdown and/or towing
  • A replacement vehicle

2. For the people

  • Payment of taxi fares;
  • The return home;
  • The payment of transport costs for the continuation of the trip;
  • Passenger and driver accommodation.

4.  Abroad

  • Repatriation in the event of an accident;
  • Coverage of medical expenses.

5. In case of death

  • Body transportation support;
  • Contribution to funeral costs;
  • Psychological help.

A few points of vigilance

The assistance guarantee has certain limits depending on the insurance company and the type of contract.

We recommend that you pay attention to the conditions under which this guarantee applies, and in particular to the following points:

1.  The mileage allowance

It designates the minimum number of kilometers separating you from your home at the time of the claim in order to benefit from coverage by the assistance guarantee.

To avoid this limitation, it is best to opt for 0 km assistance. It guarantees compensation even on your parking space.
However, your insurer may refuse you 0 km assistance depending on the age of your vehicle.

2. Compensation caps

The costs of repatriation from abroad or the cost of transporting a body are generally subject to a compensation ceiling.

As well as the support of a hotel night or the taxi connection.

3. Support for all occupants of the cabin

Make sure that all passengers, their luggage, and the driver of course, are covered by the assistance guarantee.
Indeed, it sometimes happens that only the driver is covered.

It would be a shame to stand apart on the holiday route!

4. The mileage limit of support

France, European Union, countries mentioned on the back of the green card.

check to what extent you are covered by the assistance guarantee.

How do I call for support?

If you suffer a loss eligible for the assistance guarantee, simply contact the assistance number indicated on the back of the green card.
It is reachable 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Keep the information on your registration card handy, you may be asked for it.

If you have to advance the costs, remember to keep all the payment receipts so that you can be reimbursed later.

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